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Riad Morocco 

We invite you to pass a pleasant stay in our riads Moroccan  

The riads constitute a traditional habitat of the urban centres (médinas). These houses are entirely closed on outside and are organized around the central patio, on the model of the habitat traditional arabo-Moslem. They are often raised and equipped with a fountain. Étymologiquement, a "riad" means "Arabic garden", it is the same word which indicates the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Threatened by the ruin because of the departure of the easy populations towards the new modern districts, these riads profits since years 1990 from a renewed interest due to the will from a safeguard from the inheritance and to a tourist development. This is why a number of them were reconverted in houses of hosts or restaurants. Lastly, a number growing of riads are repurchased by Westerners who make a second home of it. The quality of the restoration of the riad can however pose problem because of nonthe use of traditional materials and techniques, often with the profit of the concrete.

Morocco has a treasure: its traditional habitat and especially old riads, these residences, true hidden jewels derrières austere walls of the médina. Their origin goes up far in time, but in their current form, they are a temporal representation of the Eastern paradise

The growth of the new cities resulted in a disaffection and a degradation of the traditional habitats. The Sixties and Seventies will have to be waited so that famous artists, diplomats or personalities restore old residences in Tangier or Marrakech, allured by these forsaken jewels.

Some settle there definitively, others spend a few months in the year there, tasting the inexpressible pleasure of being found, only, in family or with friends in a house out of time. Pushed by an increasing tourist request, the restorations carried out these last years aim more at transforming old the riads into restaurants, house of hosts, hotels of charm or private residence.

If the majority were entirely refitted to profit from all modern comfort (bathroom in tadelakt, chimney for the winter, .), others, more traditional, did not almost modify anything, privileging the discovery of a different culture.

These Read invite you to live with Eastern in the middle of the red city of Marrakech. The riads of Marrakech are more and more with the mode, since the Years 2000, the hirings of riad with Marrakech Explosent, with a preference for the traditional houses of hosts, compared to the Hotels of Marrakech which offer less folklore than the riads.

The riads are generally built on 3 or 4 faces (or sides) and on 2 or sometimes 3 levels, It is in the médina of Marrakech that one finds the greatest number of these attractive traditional residences. A riad is a vast traditional residence and is characterized by its characteristic plan, its typical architectural decorations supporting insulation and the intimacy. The external frontages similar to ramparts contrast with the richness of the interior decoration.

The standard house is organized around the patio or Wousted Dar (medium of the house), paved square court of Zelliges or marble, which generally comprises a fountain. An orange tree or a lemon tree often brings a little greenery to the unit. The garden (riad) brings freshness and the lapse of memory of the external life, the Arab houses are generally equipped with a garden which with the wire of time gave its name to the whole of the house .......  




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