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Morocco real estate

To buy Riad with Marrakech, a villa in Agadir, a house of host with Fès or an apartment with Mohammedia are projects that thousands from abroad wish to realize.
These projects are not only encouraged by the Moroccan State which makes real promotion one of its larger building sites, but in more they fit perfectly in the will of the country to reach the 10 million tourists by 2010.
The process of acquisition in Morocco is complex enough for those which do not live in the country, it is of primary importance to prepare its project well and to know the various legal and tax aspects relating to the purchase of a real estate.

The investment in Morocco has several advantages
The price of the real estate.
· Excellent opportunity on the level of the service ratio/surface/price compared with the European standards

· Annual appreciation in constant progression since several years

The free convertibility of the dirham
Like the foreign investors, the Morrocans residing abroad (MRE) profit from a mode which grants a total convertibility to them for the realization of their investments in currencies in Morocco.

These advantageous provisions were devoted besides by the law tallies N° 18-95, formant charter of the investment under the terms of which:
"The persons or entities of foreign nationality, residents or not resident, like any Moroccan individual established abroad, who realize in Morocco of the investments financed in currencies, profit for the aforementioned investments from a mode from convertibility which guarantees whole freedom to them for:
· The realization of their operations of investment in Morocco
· The transfer of the incomes produced by these investments
· The transfer of the product of transfer or liquidation of the investment"

The granting of appropriations the abroads and MRE
The Moroccan banks recently have the possibility of granting to the foreign people non-residents, of the appropriations in dirhams intended for the financing of the acquisition or the construction of real goods for Morocco.
An attractive taxation
The mode of imposition of the land incomes and the most been worth is very interesting.

Absence of wealth tax and inheritancees tax death.

The taxpayers resident in Morocco and holders of retirement pensions of foreign source, profit from a reduction equal to 80% of the amount of the tax due under their pension and corresponding to the sums transferred on a purely final basis in dirhams nonconvertible. .
Without forgetting
· Geographical proximity (less than 3 hours of flight from France)

· The softness of the climate

· Cultural richness

· The everyday usage of French


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